Gardening 101

I am attempting my first garden ever this year. It’s proven to be a bit of work but I’ve enjoyed it. What amazes me is how easy it is for weeds to grow. No one has to go out and deliberately plant weeds (although I did that unknowingly; I’ll explain in a minute), but it takes effort to plant and cultivate the good stuff. So far, I’m growing lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, kohl rabi, onions, chives, peas, zucchini, jingle bell peppers, and strawberries. I think that’s it. My radishes and kohl rabi are doing great. I had attempted cucumbers but they didn’t make it. Hopefully, I won’t kill anything else off. I’m kind of notorious for that. David can tell you all about that.

Now, as far as planting weeds is so irritating. I have an area for a flower bed next to our shed and I had gotten this container filled with wildflower seeds to plant in that area. I went ahead and sprinkled a bunch in that area. The flowers definitely started to grow, along with a bunch of clover! My friend told me that in those containers, they mix the seeds sometimes with a mix of other things to include weeds as well. So, I planted weeds into my flower bed. Augh! They seem to be growing pretty well. :o) I was out today trying to weed my garden and the flower bed but then it started to rain. The tornado sirens were going off which kind of freaked me out but apparently the city was just testing them. It kind of surprised me that they were testing them on a day like today. It also wasn’t supposed to rain either…at least I got the lawn mowed before it rained.

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