Lessons Learned From My Garden, part 2

This is a continuation of the entry I posted below. You can read it if you want. This is just a continuing list of things that I’ve learned this year (so far) from my garden.

10. Carrots are a little difficult to get out of the garden. The tops keep coming off. I just need to use my little trowel thing I think.

11. I planted kohl rabi in my garden this year because it reminds me of my Grandpa. He planted that quite a bit from what I remember when I was younger. It tastes pretty good, better with salt sprinkled on it (which is what Grandpa used to do).

12. Gardens are a good way for kids to get over their fear of bugs (so why doesn’t it work on me??). Miriam and Isaiah have had fun finding worms and playing with them. They’re also pretty excited about butterflies. My mom bought me a butterfly net when I was 4 and I remember having so much fun chasing butterflies around the yard.

13. Weeds grow fast! I was out weeding a few weeks ago and everytime I turned around, there was another weed. I think they grew when they knew I wasn’t looking!

14. Because of the weed issue, the bug issue, and creepy crawlies possibly lurking under huge leaves of various plants (zucchini), I am not nearly as excited about my garden as I had been before, mainly as far as weeding goes. I’ll pull some big ones out but the rest, well, I’ve just kind of left alone.

15. Dealing with weeds has brought home the truth of Genesis chapter 3 where sin entered the world. Seeing how tedious it is to pull them and how ugly they are have made for a good object lesson not only for me but for the kids too.

I think I’ll wrap this up. I may have more to add to my list by the time the season is over.

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  1. This is all very interesting. I plan on starting a garden next year- if we are not in the process of moving and will be in the same place for a while. If not, I will postpone it again. It’s good that you are test running it for me though 🙂 And if you want to ditch some zucchini you can send some in the mail to me 🙂

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