We Laughed, We Cried, We Ate Chicken…

Well, maybe we didn’t cry…

It was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil-A today which means – free food! The catch? You have to dress up like a cow. If you dress like a cow from head to toe, you get a free combo. If you are only partly cow-like, you get a free sandwich. Can you guess what we did? Oh yes, my friends, no mere cow bell or lone black cow spot for us! We went the whole nine yards! We milked it for all its worth! (har!) First, we made cow masks out of paper plates. They turned out really cute! Next, we proceeded to dress in black and/or white. After locating the appropriate-colored clothing, I started cutting out our cow spots. We even put some on our feet! It was really just so udderly fun (insert groan) getting cow-ified today. We piled into the car and I realized our car was running on fumes and knew that I had to get gas with construction paper circles taped all over me. Thankfully the gas station was nearly empty and I didn’t have to go inside. Once arriving at the mall (this is where the Chick Fil-A is located here in town), I started losing my nerve. Miriam and Isaiah were having second thoughts too. But, we mooved our keisters into the mall (stop! stop the madness!) I wasn’t going this far for nothing! Trying to conceal my cow mask, we made our way through the mall, avoiding eye contact with folks who I was just sure were thinking we were nuts. Finally, we reached the food court to find…lots of cow people! Hooray! We weren’t the only ones! The kids and I each got a free combo, and we sat down and enjoyed some really good chicken. The best part was that it was completely free! As another person has commented regarding Cow Appreciation Day, oh the lengths we will go to for free food! I hope to post some pictures of our grand cow outing later. I’m glad Chick Fil-A decided to cow-ordinate this whole thing. It was great! (I’m done with the puns. I know you just can’t take any mooore!)

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  1. I did take pictures but am not entirely sure now that I want to post them (who knows what weirdos read my blog). I’ll just have to come see you and show you then!

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