Of Cookies and Crockpots

Right now, I’m baking some cookies. These aren’t just any cookies either. They have a “secret ingredient!” I bet you really can’t guess, either (insert sarcasm). Yes, it is zucchini. My sister sent me the recipe (thanks April!). I don’t know how they’ll turn out but the dough tasted pretty good!

Meanwhile, I found this really neat website. She inspires me! My crockpot has really saved me on so many occasions but I never thought of challenging myself to do something like she has. This woman was even on the Rachael Ray show! I’m definitely stewing some ideas around in my little noggin. I think it would definitely present some challenges. I’d have to be more organized and do some planning ahead, but think of how wonderful it would be to have home-cooked food with just a little effort, everyday even! She’s even done creme brulee in the crockpot. Now that’s impressive! It looks like she has some really good recipes, too. Some of them seem pretty fancy. They’re gluten free for those who have celiac disease (apparently, she or someone in her family has this condition). I just think her whole challenge is really neat-o! I may be posting more about this in the future…

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