The Verdict…and a Clarification

The cookies turned out great! Everyone likes them (and no one likes zucchini around here but me!). They have a subtle hint of cinnamon and chocolate chips so they have to be good, right? I couldn’t believe it when David told me he ate three in a row! I think I found me a keeper. Thanks for the recipe, April!

And to clarify…in my last post, I think I may have given the impression that I don’t cook around here very often. Believe it or not, I actuallly do prepare meals for my family. It just seems like lately we’ve been living off sandwiches or hotdogs or something easy to throw together, not necessarily the most nutritious (but we had fresh veggies and fruit with our hotdogs last night!). I think all of this comes from a lack of me being organized and life getting away with me. If I’m not organized for dinner, I get stressed out because I work until 7pm sometimes, and that’s when I pull out the ol’ lunchmeat. Sigh. I have never been an organized person, but I think if I present myself with a challenge, that may give me the “umph” I need to get with it. So, I’ll keep you all posted as I consider all of this. Today, I’m pulling out my crockpot recipes!

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  1. No, it was the one that Serenity gave you (I think) that had chocolate chips and a whole bunch of shortening.

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