Challenge Day #6

Well, our dinner challenge has actually gone quite well so far! Day #6 of our dinner challenge, I believe we have about 70 days remaining (which also means David only has 70 days of school left! yay!). For today’s dinner, we are having ham and beans. I used to not like that meal as a kid, but I like it now, especially as it’s so economical and filling. I will be using leftover ham that I fixed a few days ago. Not exactly a summertime dish, but hey, I can do it in the crockpot and it’s easy (and cheap!).

Tomorrow’s dinner is a little bit in the air still. I was going to prepare chicken and rice but I decided to change one of my side dishes to hashbrown casserole and thought that if we had chicken and rice also that it would be too many starches. So, I’m going to be hunting down a main dish today. I also plan on posting some of these recipes I’ve been using. Right now, though, I need to go get some laundry started and straighten up the living room and kitchen. The weird part about today is that I’ve been awake – wide awake – since 5am and am not tired a bit! I really like it! I had my morning devotions, ate my breakfast and drank my coffee all before 8am! So, now I’m off to make good use of my time and get my house in order.

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