Almost Week 3

I was able to work out today and definitely feel it in my legs. It’s probably a combination of yesterday’s workout and today’s. I ended up doing Billy Blanks’ Basic Taebo Live workout. It’s about 35 minutes or so on VHS. I really like the workout as it’s not unbearable and doesn’t last too long. Afterward, I felt kind of dizzy and like I just wanted to go to bed. I still haven’t quite shaken that feeling either, but I have a lot of things to do before bed. *yawn*

I’m looking forward to a rest from working out tomorrow. And right now what I’m really looking forward to is…my bed. But! I’m off to go clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, do dishes, throw in a load of laundry, and make pancakes to stick in the fridge for tomorrow. (we’re having breakfast for dinner tomorrow and some folks from church are coming over). Oh yeah, and the kids need a bath too…Has anyone heard of Flylady‘s website? She has a system of cleaning that looks really neat. I need to look at it more in depth, but from what I saw it sure looks helpful. Then, on Saturday nights, I wouldn’t be rushing around trying to get everything done.

On my next post, I want to share some of the really cool things I’ve been making at home lately. It’ll be fun!

Until next time, adieu.

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