Flapjacks Versus Jumping Jacks? You Decide!

Okay, so I have a confession to make…I didn’t go running today or yesterday (gasp!). But, I really do have good excuses reasons. We got busy with school yesterday and I had to work late both nights and, well, the weather was bad today. So there! I also had oodles of bananas in my freezer and not a whole lot for breakfast in the morning so decided to make some banana pancakes. The only problem is that I doubled the recipe and have about 5 gallons of pancake batter (the original recipe already made a lot, something I didn’t realize when I was measuring the ingredients), so I may be up awhile flipping pancakes before I get to bed. And just as a side note, I am a notoriously bad pancake flipper. A lot of times I flip too early and the pancake breaks apart on my spatula (pronounced “spatoola” 🙂 ) or I flip it on top of another one, or hit the side of the griddle. Hopefully, I’m a better writer than pancake flipper though! I thought I’d make good use of my time and come blog a little bit in between flips

Before I get to bed tonight, I’m planning on working out. My plan is to do Billy’s Ultimate Boot Camp. Now, there’s no need to tell you how that makes me feel as you are probably already scarred by my picture after a previous booty kicking. But, no matter. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And right now, I need to go flip some pancakes. Hang on a sec!

Okay! I’m back! Nothing burnt, nothing spilled (much). My 5 gallons of pancake batter is slowly dwindling. You know, maybe I should have actually tried out the recipe first before making so many…but I always do that kind of thing. Most of the time, it works out pretty well. One time, I decided to make a new kind of pizza that (to me) sounded really good and hey, you can’t go wrong with pizza, right? Erhm…the pizza was SO GROSS! Wanna hear the ingredients? Pizza crust (okay, that sounds good), dried plums (they’re prunes, people! Don’t be afraid of the “p” word!), balsamic vinegar (what in the world?), garlic (intriguing, no?), chicken, and cheese (nothing wrong with those, right?)

[Brief pause for a quick pancake turn]

So, back to the pizza. Yeah, let me just say that by the time you blend “prunes,” garlic, and balsamic vinegar, lather it on pizza crust, throw on some cooked chicken breast, and patch it over with cheese, you’ve got something really scary on your hands. Yes, my friends, that is what the cooking world would refer to as a TOTAL FLOP! Blech! But how in the world did I start on this rabbit trail? This isn’t really sticking close to topic (but I did say the word “flop,” which is similar to “flip,” which is what I was doing with the pancakes, but I digress…).

Well, I must be signing off or my poor neglected pancakes will burn. More updates later on in the week, so stay tuned for more!

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  1. I think from now on whenever I am in a bad mood or just need some fun in my day I will read your blog. Keep posting!

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