And The Winner Is…

So yesterday, I had this conversation. It didn’t go very well, but in the end, I won, which is what really matters in arguments, ya know? 🙂 But this conversation wasn’t with just anyone. In fact, I don’t know that you could really call it an “anyone” at all. It was with Exercise. And he was mean. So I blew a raspberry at him and told him to leave me alone. Here’s how it went:

Exercise: Hey Lisa, it’s been since Saturday that you worked out last. If that’s the case, you really should push yourself today.

Me: Well…I don’t know. Mondays are always hard for me to get going. I’ll probably just wait until after dinner this evening.

Exercise: Yeah right. You know that won’t happen. You have to clean up from dinner and you’ll want to spend time with David and relax. There’s no way you’ll want to exercise!

Me: Can’t prove it! Maybe I will! I might even do something pretty hard, like Billy Blanks!

Exercise: You won’t either! You’re a sissy!

Me: Them’s fightin’ words! You better watch out!

Exercise: Whatever! You don’t scare me!

Me: Oh yeah? Well THHHHBPT! (that’s a raspberry in case you didn’t know). I’ll deal with you tomorrow!

Exercise: Fine! Be that way!

Me: I will! Now get!

Whew. It didn’t go well, but I held my own. (and just between you and me, I didn’t end up working out yesterday. In fact, I ate a hotdog during a movie with David, but it was okay because it was on a whole wheat bun. But there’s no way I’ll tell Exercise about that. I’d never live it down). So, um, that’s what happened with me and Exercise yesterday. Today though, we seem to have made amends and I ended up working out. Not to Billy Blanks though. I Wii’d it. Super Hula Hooping sounded a lot more fun. And I threw in a little kung fu as well. To top it off, I went on a bike ride on Mii Island and fell off a cliff. That’s dangerous living! I probably burned more calories that way though, right? Not quite as tiring as Billy Blanks, but a workout just the same. In other exciting news, we recruited another good friend to join our running ranks! Hi Cara!

That’s all for now. I will keep you all posted on me and Exercise. That makes for some good blogging; just throw in a good argument every now and then to keep people coming back for more. Juicy stuff!

4 Replies to “And The Winner Is…”

  1. Lisa you are so funny! I have conversations like that all the time, but I have never written them down. That takes talent 🙂

  2. That sounds like me yesterday in the midst of my run. I wanted to give up. Instead I ended up running around the block once more.

    You keep me laughing!

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