To Boldly Go Where No Lisa Has Gone Before

Unless there is another Lisa besides me who has, but I certainly don’t know her, so in my limited knowledge of other Lisas, I suppose the title could be true. But I feel a rabbit trail coming on here so I better get to the point.

I am about to embark on week #5 of Couch to 5K. Technically, last week was supposed to have been week 5, but there was too much snow on the ground and I was, uh, trying to be careful and not slip, yeah that’s it! (of course, it has nothing to do with me being a wimp, nothing at all) What’s on the agenda for week 5? Glad you asked! 🙂 Here’s the skinny (at this point, I would love to insert a picture of me as skinny; however, that will have to wait until I can fit into a fancy black dress, but I wore a fancy black dress on Saturday for a nice dinner, but it wasn’t THE fancy black dress…okay, rabbit trail! Ahem):

Day 1: Jog 1/2 mile or 5 minutes
Walk 1/4 mile or 3 minutes
Jog 1/2 mile
Walk 1/4 mile

Day 2: Jog 3/4 mile
Walk 1/2 mile
Jog 3/4 mile

Day 3: Jog 2 miles without stopping

I’m trying to psych myself up here. I am really convinced that exercise has so much to do with your mentality. On Saturday I ran with fellow runner, Cara. We went ahead and did week 1 of the program and I was kind of pooped at the end. And then I thought, “How in the world did I run 2 miles the previous week?!” Unless it was a dream. And as you know, I do have some pretty nice dreams. So today, I’m going to attempt my running routine. Right now, I’m in one of David’s old Army PT shirts; my hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and I have some sweatpants on. After an attempt to find my motivation, however, I have come up empty handed. But, I’m thinking I may find it at the end of my run today. Wouldn’t that be lovely? And then I hope I don’t ever lose it again. Fancy black dress, come to mama!

3 Replies to “To Boldly Go Where No Lisa Has Gone Before”

  1. Are you doing week 5 again, or did you jump ahead last week and run 2 miles? Just wondering.

  2. I’m just starting week 5 for the first time. Last week was supposed to be week 5 but I didn’t do any running at all because of the weather. That Saturday that I ran 2 miles was not part of the training schedule at that point since I was on week 4 still. I just wanted to time myself and see how fast I could do it. My third day this week I’ll have to run 2 miles again. Are you on week 5 too? I was thinking I was on the same week as you now.

  3. Yes, and I am excited that we are going to be on the same week together!!! I will start mine tomorrow because I had to run some errands for Tommy today.

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