Some Things I’ve Learned

Since diving headlong into the whole running scene, I figured I’d post a few things I’ve learned/experienced so far. Keep in mind, though, that this is nothing earth shattering, just some interesting bits of info on yours truly.

1. The first thing is that since beginning running (or just working out more consistently in general), I have noticed my sleep at night is better. I wake up more refreshed in the morning. It also doesn’t take me as long to fall asleep and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night. Not that I woke up in the middle of the night that often before, but now when I crash, I crash hard. It’s great!

2. The second thing I’ve noticed is that my recovery time after a workout has improved significantly. Today after I ran, it didn’t take hardly any time to bring my heart rate down. Not only that, I wasn’t utterly exhausted when I was done. That’s pretty neat!

3. The third thing I’ve noticed physically is that my endurance is improving. When I was running today, I was able to keep up without feeling like I needed to gasp for air. My legs were getting pretty sore, but I really felt like I could keep going. In fact, I did! I was supposed to run 20 minutes today (day 3 of week 5; I was a day behind and will start week 6 tomorrow). Instead of running 20 minutes, I just tacked on another 5 minutes at the end. And you know what? It was great!

4. I am beginning to realize that I really like running. This factoid is earth shattering, at least in my book. I never, ever, ever, in my life thought I would ever say that. I mean, why would someone want to run voluntarily unless a gun was held up to their head? I really think the key is starting out slowly and then working your way up. Like Elizabeth said in her post about setting goals, set little ones along the way instead of going for the big one, losing steam, and then giving up. It was overwhelming when I thought of running 3 miles a few weeks ago. Now, though, it seems totally doable. Just keep at it. One foot in front of the other. You can do it.

5. Another thing I’ve found (and this is probably a no-brainer) is that it is SO much easier to run with someone else! (Thank you, Cara!) To have someone there to talk to is a great encouragement and makes the time fly. I highly recommend a workout buddy! I don’t get to run with someone everyday but I’m sure thankful for those times when I get the opportunity!

I’m sure there will be things to add to this list as time goes on. I’m already looking at a 10k training schedule that looks doable (changing my rest days to Sunday). Keep going everyone! You can do it!

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  1. I’m sorry you have shin splints, Holly! David had those and it sounded like no fun. Elizabeth actually wrote about them a few months ago at David’s request. You can check out her article on them. She’s got some good information. Are you taking it easy while they heal?

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