We’ve Got It Goin’ On

Sickness that is. From pink eye to colds, we are bacteria central around here. I hope we are on the downhill side of these sicknesses though. It seems like we’ve gotten back-to-back creeping crud at our house.

Last week, I ran on Monday but didn’t get any running in for the rest of the week due to lack of time and not feeling well. So today I decided to dive right back in. Instead of doing week 6 again, I decided to go headlong into week 7, which is running 2.5 miles without stopping. Let me tell you something: it totally kicked my high-knee. After not running for a week straight, I really felt it today. I had to stop after mile 1 for about 20 seconds or so. Then I ran the rest without stopping. In all, my total running time for 2.5 miles was 28:53. Not exactly Flash Jordan but considering I took a week off I guess it’s not too bad. What’s really exciting is that I shaved 13 seconds off my first mile! That last half mile was pretty tough though. I kicked into survival mode. Not the kind of survival mode where you have to start eating bark off  a tree but the kind where you know what you’re doing is really hard but you know it can’t last forever so you just put one foot in front of another. But I made it! I just have to do this two more times this week…ack!

How is everyone doing with their running? I just want to give a shout out to my friend, Cara, who completed week 4 day 1 today and she survived! Go Cara!!! 🙂 Wherever you are with your training, keep it up! It does get easier and you get better at it!

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  1. Aw, Lisa {blush} I am famous now!
    Glad to hear that you are still at it too.

    My little guy is a sickie at our house too. Hope your little ones are better soon.

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