Goals for the Week!

Well, well, well, I guess I will just dig right in! I have many things I want to accomplish this week so I have a feeling that some of these will carry over into next week, but that’s okay! We just have to do what we can, right? Here are some things I hope to accomplish this week in no particular order.

Weed, baby, weed (the vegetable garden specifically).
Harvest some kale. (That stuff is going nuts! I hope to post some pics of my garden soon. I’m so excited about how well it’s doing this year.)
Water consistently.
Weed back flower bed.
Weed front flower bed.

Home Improvement Projects: (This category is daunting because there’s so much to do and I don’t have the skilz.)
Buy peel and stick vinyl for this project. I am so excited to try this! It might actually be something I can do.
Scrape the porch of old stain
Prep the porch to apply new stain
Hopefully apply the stain and be done with this project!

Devotions before noon each day
Set aside some time to read. (I have a bunch of books that I want to go through including The Backyard Homestead.)
Work out every day. (You guys should check out Bodyfit by Amy on YouTube. She’s amazing!)
Write out my to-do list for the next day the night before.

Prep dinner in the morning using the crockpot or plan an easy meal.
Bake some bread to freeze using this recipe. So good!
Follow the Motivated Moms chore planner at least 80% of the time.
Have the house straightened up before David gets home from work.
Declutter! (I am always on a mission to get rid of stuff. That is not always a good thing though. Just ask David. 🙂 )

With the older kids, help them with math. (sheesh, are we ever going to finish this?!)
Keep all kids on task with their chores. (for a list of age-appropriate chores, check out this chart!)
Make sure the older kids memorize their catechism.
For the younger kids, help Sam with his reading lesson.
Help them memorize catechism questions.

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