Another Season, Another Reason for Makin’…Compost!

Well, hello again! I just realized it’s been a month since I posted last. My apologies for the lack of activity on here. I know all of my adoring fans have missed me so much (hi Mom!).

Life has been pretty hard lately – back-to-back sicknesses including the flu (all 4 kids had it!) and other very difficult trials. In the midst of everything, we’ve still had to do life: school, work, normal household stuff, adulting, that kind of thing. Adulting is hard, you guys. And confession time: I am STILL working on painting my kitchen. Yes, even one month later. Sigh. One day I will be done, but that day is definitely not today.Something I have really been looking forward to is spring because spring means I can plant my garden. There is nothing better than homegrown veggies. Well, maybe not nothing, but it’s certainly high up there on my list of things that I really love. 🙂 Something I am not particularly fond of in spring though is the Kansas weather because this is what happens:

distant tornadic activity
Tornado warning. Yikes!

So yeah, not so crazy about the weather in spring sometimes. Thankfully we were all safe and sound and got some much-needed rain from the whole ordeal as well.

Now onto the subject of makin’ compost! 😉 This year I am starting a compost pile. Several years ago I had gotten a voucher from our county extension office for a free compost bin at a local nursery. (Check out your local county extension office if you’re interested. I think this is a fairly common thing.) After having put it aside a few  years ago, I am ready to start it up again. It’s so neat how all that stuff breaks down into dirt. Besides that, it’s less trash to go to the landfill! #winning

compost container
Because you needed to see a picture of our kitchen trash. You’re welcome.

It looks a little crowded for now because I had to set it up between two trashcans. The wind was crazy and kept blowing it over. Anyway, not the fanciest thing, but it gets the job done. And free is a good price tag! Amazon has some pretty neat compost bins too if you want to go that route. Some of them tumble the stuff around inside so you don’t even have to stir it like I do. They look pretty nifty, but for now I’m just going to stick with what I have because I’m cheap economical. Just throw your veggie scraps in there along with some dry material like leaves or grass, stir it around, wait a few weeks, and voila! Compost! Now you can add that to your adulting accomplishments. We need more of those, don’t we? And here’s my main garden plot where that lovely organic compost is going to go one day soon. It’s about 14 ft. x 12 ft. I think.

garden plot
My garden plot. And why is that grass so green already?!

I am planning on growing peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, eggplant, kohlrabi, green beans, and I might get a wild hair and start an herb garden, too. W00t!

Well, peeps, it’s after midnight and I should hit the hay because I have to paint my kitchen tomorrow and work and homeschool and…life. I definitely still consider myself to be a novice gardener so if anyone has any tips or tricks, I’m all ears. And if you’re planning on starting a garden this year, what sorts of things do you want to plant? Hooray for spring!

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