Garden 2017: Cool-Weather Crops!

Garden selfie! Ha! 😀

Howdy! Have you all been experiencing a monsoon like we have here in Kansas? Good grief, it’s been so, so wet here lately. I’m not sure how much rain we’ve gotten although I think we are all caught up for the year and then some. I haven’t been able to plant all of my cool-weather crops yet but have gotten some in the ground thankfully. For as wet as it’s been, I could turn my little garden plot into a rice paddy. 🙂

For my early spring gardening plans, I have so far planted potatoes, kale, radishes, and kohlrabi. I still would like to get some lettuce in there after it dries out for a few days, which will hopefully happen soon. The rain has got to stop some time, right?

This is my first time planting potatoes and guess what? It has worked! At least so far. I picked up some seed potatoes at Home Depot. I think they are Yukon Gold. Here’s a pic:

These are, in fact, seed potatoes and not aliens with creepy arms and legs.

If your seed potatoes are on the medium-to-large side, you can cut them into sections. I read (or watched a video – can’t remember because I’m old) that you just need to make sure each cut piece has at least three eyes on it and then let it dry for four to five days. Like so:

Aw yiss!

Once the potatoes had a chance to dry, I planted them in these containers. They got pretty good reviews on Amazon and were cheaper than the plastic pots I was going to use. And bigger. Also this way, I wasn’t concerned about anything leaching into the soil with using plastic. Score!

Here’s a pic of my containers (and the grass that is getting a tad Amazonian with all this rain).

‘Taters, tall grass, and some big ol’ dandelions

Here’s a close-up of my little potatoes just shooting up through the soil:

See the tiny little green sprout? Woo hoo!

Here’s my kale. Before too long, it will be beautiful, leafy stalks!

Kale sprouts amidst the rocks!

And here are my radish sprouts. They will be so good dipped in homemade ranch! Yum!

Come on, little radishes!

A friend of mine bought some extra broccoli starters and gave me some. Yay for more veggies! I’ve never attempted broccoli before so I hope I am able to get a good yield. And when it finally dries out a little, I’ll plant these guys in my garden.

Apparently I thought wine was a fitting backdrop. 🙂

Have you planted anything in your garden yet? I would love to hear all the juicy details. Of your gardens that is. 🙂 Let me know below in the comments!

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