All’s Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hello, dear and faithful readers! Are you still there? Hello? Hello? Yeah…it’s been awhile I guess. Maybe you have wondered what in the world has happened to me these past few weeks. Rest assured, all is well. I have just been a little ho hum lately and put blogging to the side.

But I’m back! 🙂 Let me show some pictures as to what’s been going on around here lately.

First off, the garden. I have kind of neglected it this year until recently when a good friend came over to help get my warm weather stuff in the ground. My radishes have done exceptionally well though. See how pretty they are?

Homegrown radishes! Yum!

And then there was The Day When Everything Went Wrong. I was making some  yogurt and wanted to take some good pictures because eventually I would like to do a how-to post. Homemade yogurt may or may not be one of the best foods ever! Anyway, as I was pushing my Crock Pot into position, trying to get good lighting, I accidentally knocked over a small glass of soda that my daughter was drinking. And it shattered all over the floor. It was a sharp, sticky mess! We don’t even usually have soda around the house anymore. This stuff happened to be from a birthday party.

Reason #45788 we don’t drink soda.

So I had to carefully gather up the big pieces and then hand mop the rest of the little shards.

As I was mopping, one of the glass shards cut a small hole in our linoleum.

And then later on that evening, David stepped on a small piece of glass that I missed and his foot started bleeding.

And then I knocked over the whole bucket of sharp, nasty mop water ALL. OVER. THE. FLOOR. So I had to mop AGAIN!

And then a couple weeks later when I was mopping (yes, it was two weeks in between mopping I admit) I found another glass shard underneath the dishwasher. It’s like the glass that never ends, man.

At this rate I *think* all the glass is completely taken care of. Sheesh!

In other news, look what we found in our lettuce patch the other day!!

Baby bunnies!

That mama bunny was really smart. Those babies were very well hidden. At least they were until we uprooted their hiding spot anyway. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them and the next day they were gone so I’m hoping the mama came back that night to move them to a better location. And in case you were wondering, we didn’t touch them. We just took some pictures and covered them back up with the nest material.

Here are some ducks we found wandering by our creek!

I think these are mallards, a male and a female. Pretty cool. 🙂

When I went out walking one day, I saw this garage sale sign that made me smile:

Witty people are. 🙂

The back had a picture of Ryan Gosling and it said something like, “Hey girl, there’s a garage sale nearby. We should go and find good deals.” I should have gone just to tell those people that they’re awesome. 😀

Moving right along, my hometown pretty much rocks. I used to work at a bakery there and my all-time favorite treat was a Swedish pastry called kringler. I’ll have to post the recipe soon. It is so good! Not exactly a health food though, but a little bit won’t hurt. A friend of mine and I decided to make it one day on a whim and it tastes just like home. Here’s a picture of the kringler in all of its amazingness:

Kringler — the most epic Swedish pastry ever!

So there you have it, a little snapshot into my life lately. I’m hoping my posts will be a bit more regular again going forward. In the meantime, my dear friends, be well. And watch out for ticks. Because ticks are really, really bad this year. 🙂

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