Help with Homeschooling

Here are some tips, information, tools and resources that may help you as you consider entering into homeschooling. (They are also available at the end in PDF format.)

Homeschooling Helps

One thing you really need to remember about homeschooling is that it is challenging. There will be days when everyone obeys and learns their lessons and you finish early. Other times, it will seem like your kids forget everything they learned, don’t finish their assignments, or have major attitudes. 

Just remember that although some days are hard, homeschooling can be extremely rewarding. You love your child the most and know what’s best for them.

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Time for a New Post…?

As a longtime husband, sometime reader, friend of friends, and family of family, I would like to advocate for all of those out there who would like to see you post before you go into labor and don’t post again for months, yea, maybe a year. The baby is coming soon. If you don’t post now, you may not post for a long time. There are people out there that need to know, “What is Lisa doing now?”

So, for Caras, Hollys, Elizabeths, Moms and Aprils everywhere, the Putz says, “Can we get an update?” People need a good, hearty, belly laugh. Get it? Belly laugh! Man! I kill me. 🙂