Four Months Later

Okay, how in the world do I begin this post? I’m just sitting here, trying to come up with something witty to draw you in after a nearly four-month sabbatical (or something) to no avail. So, you’ll just have to bear with me as I flex my rusty blog fingers and type away.

In recent news, my garden is doing very well this year again. I have lots of cucumber plants (6)  and jalapeno plants (8 – I would have had 9 but one died). So, yeah, I’ll have quite the crop of veggies. My friend suggested I make spicy pickles with my jalapenos and cukes. I thought that sounded great! I have a feeling that canning season will be fairly busy once again.

So other than gardening, what else have I been up to? Well, lots of things actually. School is done and the kids are enjoying their break. I’ve also been getting up earlier than usual to go walking with a good friend every morning. These past few months, I’ve had some health issues that have hopefully resolved. Time will tell I guess. David finishes his degree next month! This is the one and only class that he’s taken that I’m actually interested in. Throughout his college career, I’ve read to him microeconomics, marketing, accounting, journalism, and I know I’m missing stuff. But this time, it’s music appreciation! The cool thing about music appreciation is that I actually know what the authors of the book are talking about – no talk about profit margins and other microeconomicky things. But quarter notes, Beethoven,  and syncopation! Musical instruments and harmony! Ah, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The best part about music appreciation? It’s his very last class!

The puppy is doing well. He will be a year old at the end of this month. He finally figured out the whole potty thing. We have some occasional accidents, mainly when he gets scared, and it sure seems like he’s got a sensitive stomach because he throws up more than I thought a dog would. On the whole though, he’s doing well.

I better wrap this one up. I have to call the insurance company (don’t I know how to have fun?) and work out (again, lots of fun there). So until next time (which will hopefully be sooner than four months), adios!

Checking In Briefly

Hi folks. I’m here. I’m sorry to have concerned so many of you. I appreciate the emails and all the comments. I was just overwhelmed the other day. It probably wasn’t even a good idea to be on here. Oh well.

It is 12:24 according to the time on my computer, time for me to go night night. My eyes are getting heavy and morning will come too quickly. I am planning on writing sometime within the next couple of days regarding my exercise challenge and all that good stuff.

Good night, all.

Losing Steam

Hi all. I’m here but barely. This has been a hard week for me so far. I’ve worked out Tuesday and Wednesday, missed Monday and yesterday and today, it’s 10:40 a.m. and I’m still not dressed. It’s been a difficult week all the way around, not just for working out. I’m really bummed about some things and all I want to do right now is lie around all day in my robe and do nothing. But that would make me more depressed so I better just get busy because I have so many things to do today as usual. Sigh….

I really don’t have much else to say right now. If anyone has any words of encouragement (not just related to working out), I sure could use them.

Almost Week 3

I was able to work out today and definitely feel it in my legs. It’s probably a combination of yesterday’s workout and today’s. I ended up doing Billy Blanks’ Basic Taebo Live workout. It’s about 35 minutes or so on VHS. I really like the workout as it’s not unbearable and doesn’t last too long. Afterward, I felt kind of dizzy and like I just wanted to go to bed. I still haven’t quite shaken that feeling either, but I have a lot of things to do before bed. *yawn*

I’m looking forward to a rest from working out tomorrow. And right now what I’m really looking forward to is…my bed. But! I’m off to go clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, do dishes, throw in a load of laundry, and make pancakes to stick in the fridge for tomorrow. (we’re having breakfast for dinner tomorrow and some folks from church are coming over). Oh yeah, and the kids need a bath too…Has anyone heard of Flylady‘s website? She has a system of cleaning that looks really neat. I need to look at it more in depth, but from what I saw it sure looks helpful. Then, on Saturday nights, I wouldn’t be rushing around trying to get everything done.

On my next post, I want to share some of the really cool things I’ve been making at home lately. It’ll be fun!

Until next time, adieu.

Week 2, Day 4

Well, well, well, let’s see here. I’m not feeling as emotional as I was the other day. David came home and I felt much better. 🙂 I was able to exercise yesterday! Yippee! I did Billy Blanks 8-minute Tae Bo Workout and the 20-minute Pilates. You know, I was thinking, the government recommends that you work out for 90 minutes a day if you are looking to lose weight. I’m just wondering, have they ever done Billy Blanks? Yesterday was the first time I tried the 8-minute workout. It was a long 8 minutes. I thought I was going to have to take a break! It was pretty intense. I wonder how many calories I burned. After that, I did the 20-minute Pilates to cool off a little. It’s crazy how much I worked into a glow during only 8 minutes.

For today, I have not worked out yet, but I plan to this evening. Last night, I felt like a young whippersnapper and stayed up until 4am! I don’t remember the last time I did that, unless you count overnight road trips or something. This morning I woke up at 11:10. It has just been a nice, relaxing day. But, I do need to work off all the Jelly Bellies I ate last night. The bag was sitting right in front of me at the table, and well, they were beckoning me, the darn things. We also ate homemade California rolls, and they were SOOO good! It was fun to put them together. So, we rang in the new year with California rolls, homemade pizza, Jelly Bellies, Dove chocolate, and a fun game of Balderdash. Thank you, Tommy and Holly! We sure had a good time.

I plan on posting within the next couple days to stay accountable on my daily exercising. I am not sure what I will be doing tonight. What do you think? I am thinking about maybe some Turbo Jam…

…the Livin’ is Easy

I haven’t had any coffee today. What started as a dull ache is now a throbbing headache. The best part is that I have to work here in about 30 minutes. But, we’re having steak tonight (at home) so that makes it all the more bearable. I’m also making mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes. We were going to have some French bread too, but the mold got to it before we did. I suppose that’s part of living in a humid environment, especially in the summertime.

A couple weeks ago, we piled into the car to drive down to Austin, TX to visit family. We ended up driving through the night and were exhausted the next day. We had a nice, albeit short, visit. We went to a reception at the Texas Culinary Academy on the Friday we were there. Oh. My. The food was grand and plentiful. There were lots of students dressed up in their chef garb with plates of hors de ouvres. There was pan after pan of cookies and all kinds of fancy treats. There was an ice sculpture the shape of a clam with huge cocktail shrimp in the bowl part. We could have stayed there all day feeding our faces. It was excellent!

On our return home, water started collecting on the floor in our car in the back. By the time we pulled up in front of our house, there was standing water back there. Apparently, it had something to do with our AC. We ran it quite a bit that weekend. It is central Texas in the summertime after all.

We Laughed, We Cried, We Ate Chicken…

Well, maybe we didn’t cry…

It was Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil-A today which means – free food! The catch? You have to dress up like a cow. If you dress like a cow from head to toe, you get a free combo. If you are only partly cow-like, you get a free sandwich. Can you guess what we did? Oh yes, my friends, no mere cow bell or lone black cow spot for us! We went the whole nine yards! We milked it for all its worth! (har!) First, we made cow masks out of paper plates. They turned out really cute! Next, we proceeded to dress in black and/or white. After locating the appropriate-colored clothing, I started cutting out our cow spots. We even put some on our feet! It was really just so udderly fun (insert groan) getting cow-ified today. We piled into the car and I realized our car was running on fumes and knew that I had to get gas with construction paper circles taped all over me. Thankfully the gas station was nearly empty and I didn’t have to go inside. Once arriving at the mall (this is where the Chick Fil-A is located here in town), I started losing my nerve. Miriam and Isaiah were having second thoughts too. But, we mooved our keisters into the mall (stop! stop the madness!) I wasn’t going this far for nothing! Trying to conceal my cow mask, we made our way through the mall, avoiding eye contact with folks who I was just sure were thinking we were nuts. Finally, we reached the food court to find…lots of cow people! Hooray! We weren’t the only ones! The kids and I each got a free combo, and we sat down and enjoyed some really good chicken. The best part was that it was completely free! As another person has commented regarding Cow Appreciation Day, oh the lengths we will go to for free food! I hope to post some pictures of our grand cow outing later. I’m glad Chick Fil-A decided to cow-ordinate this whole thing. It was great! (I’m done with the puns. I know you just can’t take any mooore!)

Things That Make You Go GRRRR!

I hadn’t had any spam in my comments since David set this blog up for me…that is until this past weekend. Now I’m getting slain in the spam! So far this morning, I’ve cleared out 10 comments and most of them were from places like motorola or verizon for free ring tones. I just want to tell those companies that stuff like that doesn’t want to make me buy your products! I’m going to ask David if there’s anything to do about that…

Of Ramblings and Writer’s Block

You know, for some reason I cannot type tonight. Okay, technically I can type (which is obviously why you can read this), but I just can’t get my thoughts from my brain to my fingertips. I’ve typed and retyped I don’t know how many times, but it all comes out sounding kind of jumbled and boring. I actually have a few things I need to do tonight so better cut this short anyway. Maybe that’s why I’m having so much trouble.

Briefly though, some excitement around here (no, Mom, I’m not pregnant). I’m getting my hair cut! I know, I know, can you stand it? Just too much, isn’t it? But wait…there’s actually more excitement if you already haven’t fallen off your chair…I’m going to Worlds of Fun this Saturday! And guess what else? No kids! That’s right, it’s just going to be me and my two good friends sans children. Whoo hoo! The kids weren’t too happy but I think they will have a nice day with their Papa. He is not working so much right now so may have some free time (if that word is even in his vocabulary anymore). I haven’t been to Worlds of Fun since I was 15. I think I still have a picture floating around somewhere of me on a roller coast, eyes closed, knuckles white, mouth open…screaming. Oh yeah, it’s going to be great.

We are finished with school for the year. I learned a lot (and hopefully they did too) without too many bumps along the way. I have a couple months before I have to start thinking about first grade so am just going to enjoy my summer. But it’ll go by fast, I know. I have my 10-year high school reunion next month. Sigh. I really don’t know where the last 10 years of my life have gone. Also, I was looking at our wedding pictures today and it does not seem like 8 1/2 years ago that we got hitched. That’s just too weird. Ah, 1999, when gas was under a dollar a gallon. Remember those days?

I really was going to keep this short. Mom gave me some Tae Bo workout videos, so I’m going to go off and “glow” in the other room. Good night all!