Frumpy? No more!

So, I was thinking last night on the way to church about my appearance and apologized to David that I looked frumpy (just got out of the shower, no time to blow dry my hair, so I put it up into a quick ponytail – oh, and it was below zero and I went out with wet hair, lovely). And that got me to thinking that it really has been quite awhile since I actually put a lot of time into my appearance. I remember when we were dating, I spent quite a bit of time getting ready for the day with blow-drying my hair, curling it, wearing make up, etc. It seems that since we’ve been married, specifically since I had the kids, more specifically since I had my last, that I’ve just not put that much effort into looking my best. It’s easy to get into that habit though, especially when you have a crying baby needing to nurse and another crying baby with a dirty diaper. However, um, my children are now 8 and 9 and if my 8-year-old is still nursing, then well, that would probably make the national headlines. So what’s my excuse now? I guess I just formed a bad habit. It’s just easier to shower and pull my hair back into a ponytail than to spend the time to actually fix it up. So, this morning, I decided to do something different. I put on some make up and wanted to fix my hair nice and pretty. I ran into a slight problem though. I really didn’t (don’t) know how to do very many hairstyles. So, I spent a bit of time on the internet looking up some things that would be feasible for me to do. And success! I actually found something and was able to do it! Yay!

I also thought about my clothes and am really ready for a makeover in my closet as well, but right now with a 6-month pregnant belly, that’s just going to have to wait. 🙂

After doing some more thinking, I have decided to make it a priority each morning to spend some time and make myself look as nice as I can, not because I want to attract attention from strangers, but because I want to attract my husband’s attention. I think that’s important, even 11 years later.

So, I am attempting to rid myself of frumpiness. Frumpy no more!  (of course, after the baby comes, I think I may have to take some ex-frumpiness leave and resort to my former frumpy self because I’m sure I won’t care if my hair is curled after getting up every two hours at night).

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  1. Well! It is about time you’ve updated this blog. I am so glad you did. I’ve missed reading it. 🙂

    This is not to detour you from your “unfrumping” expedition, but I wanted you to know that you are already beautiful. You have a beauty that most woman desire and could only wish for, a humble and meek spirit, and I admire you (and praise God) for that.

    Have fun pleasing your man!

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