Gardening Update

Well, how has everyone’s garden been doing so far? I planted my broccoli plants and then the leaves started to turn yellow. I think you can see it a little in this picture:


The plants still seem to be doing well though so I’m hoping they are okay.

And here are my radishes! What what!

Radish sprouts! These things are pretty resilient. And I need to thin them obviously…

And here is my lettuce!

Lettuce – bring on the salads!

And you guys, my potatoes. Whoa! They are really doing well in the cloth containers I got on Amazon. Yay!

Check that out. So exciting!

But now let’s talk weeds. Our lawnmower wouldn’t start a couple weeks ago, so we borrowed our neighbor’s mower. It was a little different from ours in the way it mulched the grass, and the grass clippings around the perimeter of my garden plot (and the many weeds) ended up all over my garden. So now they are proliferating, more than any other year in all the time we’ve lived here:

You will rue the day, weeds!

I have read a trick where you can use newspaper to tame the weeds for at least an entire season. I think it is definitely time to give that a try because wow. This is crazy.

I have the start of an herb garden going right now, but my little patch of oregano is looking kind of sad:

At least it’s still green!

I have some cilantro, sage, and lavender I’m planning on transplanting out here within the next couple of days.  We’ll see how that goes. I love herbs!

So there’s my garden update for you. I just love this time of year when everything is so green! Even the weeds in my grass look nice and green, and from a distance, you can’t even tell they’re weeds. Nice! 🙂

How have things gone with your gardens this year?


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2 Replies to “Gardening Update”

  1. You are growing a lot of stuff!! I can hardly even grow weeds… 😀

    And any blog post that casually gets the word “proliferating” in it is just awesome : )

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