Gardening and Blogging Adventures

This is my third blog today! It’s pretty fun, although I’ve spent quite a bit of time on here already, adding some things here and there. What is it about the internet that just draws you in? I can spend so much time on here (looking up recipes!).

The rain stopped, and I finished weeding my garden. I have yet to tackle my nicely planted weeds in my flower bed, though. Maybe tomorrow or Wednesday I’ll get to that. I was thinning out my radishes and pulled out some that were getting kind of big. The kids and I ate them today and they were SO good! What made them even better is the fact that all that work spent in the garden is paying off! I can’t wait to harvest the other stuff I’m growing. In my weeding adventures, I managed to find my carrots again. There were tons of weeds in that patch. I’m not sure why the weeds thought that would be such a good place to grow. But, I think I got most of them out. In my inexperienced eye, it’s hard to know sometimes what’s a weed and what’s not. In my front flower bed, I had this plant that I was nurturing, hoping to see what it would grow into. My friend came over one day and pointed out to me that it was ahem…a weed…ah! I have a lot to learn still, I guess.

I am going to call it a night, I think. I could ramble on here for quite awhile but would probably stay up way too late.

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