An Update

I mowed the lawn yesterday. It was really long. We’ve had so much rain that it hasn’t had a chance to get dry enough to mow before it rains again. And I’m not just talking a few sprinkles either. These have been some pretty impressive storms. So my grass was beginning to look like the rain forest. It also wasn’t as dry as I’d hoped and kept clogging up the blades on the lawnmower. But, I got it done…just in time for it to rain again! At least it’s good for my garden, which is slowly taking over my little plot. I suppose I should say my zucchini is taking over. I never knew zucchini plants got so huge! And I have 6 or so plants. We should be having plenty of zucchini this year. Too bad nobody in our house really likes it but me! I might slip it into some dish unbeknownst to the rest of my family for some extra nutrition. David says I need to take a picture of it. I would like to post it on here too. It’s pretty neat. To add to some excitement, the kids and I discovered that a tree in our backyard is producing berries! I think they may be mulberries. I remember having a mulberry tree in our backyard growing up. We would eat the berries right off it (yes without washing them first…and we’re still alive!).

I need to get going. I could sit here and type for awhile but have some things to do. Up next: hopefully a picture of the garden and a new exciting find…CVS Pharmacy and Extra Care Bucks! You can read more about it here

It’s a pretty neat system.

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  1. Hey, I have a few zuccini recipes. Zuccini cookies are really good. They taste almost like oatmeal and are a little better for you then regular cookies. Also chicken and zuccinni pizza. Really, really good. Add a little feta cheese and it is even better. If you want the recipes, let me know!

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